Shrukan Caelestis – Final Fantasy XIV Reference

This will be a page that will contain some reference images and information on my Warrior of Light, Shrukan Caelestis, from Final Fantasy XIV. He is currently on Leviathan and other servers; please treat each reiteration as the same Warrior of Light.

I hope I can share this page on social media and keep it more updated for people to draw Shrukan whenever they want instead of updating or making new posts every new change. 🙂

Once I level up more classes, I will add new outfits eventually! 😀

Dragoon Gear (Current):


  • Body: Wayfarer’s Tabard (Dalamud Red dye)
  • Hands: Wayfarer’s Fingerless Gloves
  • Legs: Sophist’s Podea
  • Feet: Wayfarer’s Boots
  • Ears: Wayfarer’s Earcuff
  • Neck: Wayfarer’s Necklace
  • Weapon: Abel’s Lance

Summoner (Current; WIP)

(insert gallery here)


  • Body: 
  • Hands: 
  • Legs: 
  • Feet: 
  • Ears: 
  • Neck: 
  • Weapon: