Fire Emblem HEROES… and some other game updates

Oh GOD I haven’t updated in two months. I expected not to have a lot of updates because who is gonna update their personal blog every day. Especially one that isn’t a niche one? AHAHAHA…hahaha…

Alright so I GUESS I’ll update what I have been doing with my games, but I’ve been mostly playing Fire Emblem Heroes for the last awhile and I haven’t even played my Switch as much. That’s gonna change with a different thing I want to update about later in this post.

Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Fire Emblem Heroes Shenanigans

So like I’ve said, I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Heroes mostly. Been a fairly active player since 2017 (despite being SLIGHTLY salty for a time and wanting to drop the game). Nothing really noteworthy happening for me in game because I’m just trying my best and trying to get my favorites. 😀

So way back in October we had a Halloween Banner and you could get a new type of unit called a Duo Hero; the first one was a duo of an older Hector and his daughter, Lilina.

Aw they look so cute together in this design! <3

Duo Heroes (or Duo Units) are characters with two heroes in their artwork as well as two sprites on the map and in battle. Duo Heroes have different abilities depending on the Duo Heroes themselves. Some can bolster some other units stats while others can heal. Though sadly it seems like Duo Heroes are Limited Heroes, so they may or may not reappear in the game.

Anyways so I really wanted to get the new Duo Units when they start coming out but I sadly missed Halloween Hector and Ephraim and Lyon. When Christmas came about, I finally got the Christmas Marth Duo at basically the 11th hour (meaning the banner was gonna disappear soon). After FINALLY appreciating the power of Duo Heroes, I made it that I want to get any Duo of my favorite characters. Thus I have obtained also the Alfonse Duo as well as the Alm Duo. Speaking of the Alm Duo, I love how they heal 30 HP which has made it a lot easier to complete certain maps. Today, for example, I used them to help defeat and recruit the Flame Emperor as well as Legion (the latter more for fun).

Speaking about strong units, I want to just share my boy Joshua, an under appreciated hero in the game who can make some hilarious things happen. Despite being considered only a Tier 3 unit on Gamepress, this guy, with the right skills, along with team help, can just wipe out enemies pretty decently. He’s no mage so armored units make it difficult for him to smack him down but he effectively laughs off most colored mages.

He has grown so, so much since he was introduced in 2017.

Look at that bulk. Look. at. it. Granted he gets stats boosts from both S-Support with myself as well as the Dragon Flowers since he is a Gen 1 Tempest Trials unit, he has a surprisingly good bulk and speed. Coupled with Legendary Azura’s ability to add +6 to all stats while she sings to him as well as Legendary Eliwood’s Bonus Doubler, he is just a literal wall while on a defense tile. Well against most units outside armors, *cough cough*. You have no idea how much I use him for Grand Hero Battles and other similar challenge maps. Not only can he counter 1 range units, but he can also counter against mages and bow users of any color. Even blues have no chance against him and when Aether activates, it matters not what color you are: you will be defeated.

One day I want to be able to get high enough in Aether Raids so I can put Joshua on my defense team, but right now he acts as a good attacker on most teams. As you can see above, I made him an Astra unit so he could be paired well with Altina. Joshua sorely needs more attack to be able to do more damage, but that is why I mostly added Threaten Def to his C-slot. Before then I had a Threaten Atk so units would just hit his funny enough bulk, but a friend suggested to change that. As well, I also premanently removed Quick Riposte 3 from his S slot and exchanged it for Distant Def 3 since it helps with his bulk against mage and bow users while Distant Counter allows him to attack back without much fear. ‘Cept against Blue Reinhardt. Fuck that guy especially.

I’m hoping one day I could stream just a tiny bit of the game on Twitch even though it’s not going to be that exciting. I just like showing off the game is all. Hopefully I can do that soon.

Twitch Streaming News!

My roommate doesn’t exactly have the cleanest desk :D;;

Speaking about streaming, I managed to save enough money to buy me a decent set of stuff for any future streaming. As you can see in the picture above (pardon my roommate’s messy desk), I managed to buy a Logitech C920s webcam, a webcam mount for said webcam, and a ring light. I’m not sure how the stand is going to be but I am being very careful with it so it doesn’t break. Same goes for the ring light. I’ll be using these items in my streams in the future to make the streams a bit better with my reactions. I’m not an entertainer, at least I don’t think I am, but I will try my hardest to be able to make some sort of funny reactions, ahaha.

Anyways, I will note that the webcam stand is a lot lighter than I thought and it didn’t exactly have the best instructions on how to put the thing together to the point I thought I was going to break it. Even despite that, I just took things slow and made sure I didn’t apply a lot of pressure, especially with things like adding the webcam stand on top of it. The ring light has a similar issue with having a set of plastic legs that can’t keep it in place well, compared to my mic, which has metal legs on the stand. Finally the webcam is of a really good quality and is an upgrade to the webcam my roommate gave me. I can almost get 60FPS with it as long as the resolution is low and I don’t abuse exposure on it. I had to fiddle with the settings to get it to what I want, but at least I’m not going to have issues with having 15-30 FPS camera movement, which looks terrible.

Anyways I hope I can start streaming various games. Most of my streams will be down on my roommate’s computer. Not only does he have a very good built in capture card device (which I can’t use in my computer because I have a tiny motherboard), he also has better internet in his room. Despite the fact that we have Comcast internet (ew), I cannot get any good internet in my second floor room. I had to use Powerline Adapters at first but lately the one in my room isn’t giving that good of a speed and I’ve decided that I won’t be using it any more. I’ve been using a USB wifi stick in my computer and trying to get internet via the Wifi extender in the pantry below my room. So I’m only able to stream when my roommate is at work. It’s kinda rude to stream when someone is sleeping behind you (and it’s against Twitch TOS).

With that being said, let me get to my final update.

Other game updates

Fire Emblem Three Houses:

Oh, God. When I first got this game back with my Switch in August-September of 2018, I wanted to play and appreciate this game so much. Don’t get me wrong: I like this game, but oh my god is it SLOW.

I chose Golden Deer since I resonated with Claude most thanks to his appearance in Fire Emblem Heroes. But despite that and despite bonding with that class’ students, I can’t bring myself to push much during a week. With that being said, it has been seven months total of owning the game and 45 hours in game playing through but I still haven’t beaten the campaign of Golden Deer. I’ve gotten past time skip and I feel like I’m nearing the decent-ish end since I’m at the Blood of the Eagle and Lion chapter of Golden Deer. Despite recruiting most of the students (RIP Fredinand Von Aegir), I’ve found myself only liking a select few either for their classes or because of their personalities. I especially like Lysithea, my magic nuke.

I’m not entirely sure how long it will take me to beat the other four routes, but I’m just gonna say this game is not only long, but confusing, especially to new players. I played on the easiest settings you could have for the game and I’m still having difficulty. If you don’t know what classes give what skills, it makes it especially hard to figure the best way to form your units really. I’m sure that if I pick this game up again, I’m using a guide to make the best units in the game based on how I like to play (that means many mages, healers, and sword users… I live the simple life).

Breath of the Wild:

I’ve been playing Breath of the Wild the last few months but have slown down since I have some slight burnout with the game. I’m considering doing some speedruns eventually to do some sort of challenges with the game and make it slightly more fun. But after gathering a bunch of screenshots for my friend’s Legend of Zelda site, I’ve been tired of the game. Eventually I will get to getting all the Korok Seeds but that’s gonna take time. And I refuse to entirely depend on a map guide for them. It may take a long time but I will finish it. It’s more fun that way.

Super Mario Maker 2:

I haven’t played this as much as I like but I have managed to make a few levels here and there. I’m not as good as other folks but it is a fun multiplayer game. I guess it would just be more suited to playing with friends.

Luigi’s Mansion 3:

I haven’t played this game much as well but it is quiet funny. I was playing it multiplayer with my roommate but we haven’t had time together to play it. He works a lot of weird hours and at most we only have an hour or so to play before I have to go to bed for work…when I did work. Curse you coronavirus.

Fire Emblem Warriors:

I played this game for awhile at a random point of time. It’s a good game but seems a lot more difficult than Hyrule Warriors. I do like the ability to switch between characters on the fly, which is pretty neat. But right now I have to level up a lot of my characters to be comparable in strength to Lucina and Chrom (both of whom I like very much compared to everyone else). I just haven’t had time for that.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

So I finally got Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Switch and got to play it on March 19th, which is when it unlocked on the Switch. (I bought digital. Also god bless timezones.) I’ll be making some more Animal Crossing posts on the website soon so I don’t want to talk too much about it. 😀

Final Words

So this is a longer post than I’ve originally thought. I also started this post way back on the 11th and I’ve been so busy. Oops.

I’ll try to make some more content and since Animal Crossing is here, maybe I could make some slight daily posts about the game? We’ll see!

Thanks for reading! 🙂