Welcome to my blog! Updates and Stuff down Below!

Hello! If you are here, let me introduce you to my blog! This post is going to (hopefully) be kept short and sweet, but hopefully there will be enough content for me to explain what my blog is going to be about!

First of all, I’m going to make some updates on my website here in the form of blog posts. Each blog post is either going to be a post about general updates to my website (like new pages, new content, etc.), updates on artworks I am working on (previews and stuff, with some full views being locked behind Patreon wall right now), or me rambling about video games I am playing right now. I also plan to do some life updates, but these updates will be very small and will include very little, little information; I would like to keep most of my life stuff private for my own reasons, but I wouldn’t mind giving a small update and stuff. Mind you, all these updates will be heavily sporadic due to me needing time to actually write up a halfway decent blog post. So expect there to be very long pauses between blog posts themselves. I kinda don’t want to write Twitter sized blog posts.

Secondly, I would like to spend this time giving some updates on the site:

  • Again, as stated, I want to blog more on this site and give more content.
  • I eventually want to maybe host some writings I want to make and place here. Even if I do, don’t expect me to a major author. I just want to make some stories possibly in the future. One of the ideas is I wanted to completely rewrite a video game I played to have a plot that makes a lot more sense than what was given, but that requires playing the games over again and making sure I understand it enough. But that’s just an idea and I’m not sure if I want to actually follow through with it.
  • I want to, some time in the future, have a sketch and doodle page for some of my art. I may consider making a category for that. So you can see a bunch of sketches and doodles I made for ideas on some artworks I wanted to make. Or even some practice drawings. But right now I don’t have much of that that I would consider to be worthy for the site right now.

Thirdly, I guess I will give some updates on life and my art business:

  • I’m going to be trying to get some more hours at my day job so I can have more money to save up for my art shop or for savings in general. As I do this, obviously I won’t have much more time to draw as I would like, but I need the money right now help pay debts and pay rent. The usual things one must do as an adult.
  • In terms of the art business, I am working on art prints to sell. I’m going to post WIPs of these prints on Patreon, so if you are interested in seeing prints in advance, please become a patron! Please note that if you join as a $5 tier or higher, you get a 15% discount on my shop. It’s my way of saying thanks!
  • I’m currently suffering from a shoulder injury from sleeping. I’m not even kidding. It’s bad right now that I can’t even sleep properly due to the pain and I can’t even drag my own laundry to the washing machine. Luckily I have a roommate that could help me. That being said I’m trying to sit more proper and I hope it doesn’t affect my drawing. Thankfully it’s my left shoulder and not right one so I can still draw, just my head is kept tilted due to my muscles being stuck in a knot right now.

Finally, I just want to say thank you for reading this. It ended up longer than I thought, but I wanted to get my thoughts out.

For small tidbits and random thoughts, go check out my Twitter account!

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