FFXIV Art Party #1 (#lilyartparty)

Went to a FFXIV Art Party on February 14th, 2023 that was pretty cool. Doodled some Warriors of Light that were at the party. The Twitter handles for each person are down below.

(If the links are broken later, I apologize, but I won’t be seeking them out. So I hope you just enjoy who is who for now!)

Breath of the Wild: Link in Korok Forest

This was an artwork I worked on between January and June of 2022. It took a long time to make simply due to life situations, including a day job, plus several instances of being sick and tired during those months. I finally mustered enough energy to focus on the artwork and finish it somewhere between April and June of 2022.

This artwork was a reward for my supporters on Patreon and Ko-Fi and the reward will be released sometime around August of 2022.

I’m rather proud of this work, but I still have much to learn to make even better works! 🙂